Forever One Pre-marriage Preparation






Are you ready to start your relationship off in the best way possible? Getting married is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make…


So much time is invested in preparing for the marriage ceremony. How much more crucial it is to prepare for all the years you will spend together after you say, “I do”?


The Forever One program will help you experience marriage the way God intended by preparing for a healthy and lifelong marriage relationship. The full program includes an eight-week class to help you get ready.


  • Seriously Dating? This format will provide you with a great opportunity to evaluate your relationship – does it have what it takes to have a great marriage? This format will also help you build essential skills for when you do get married.


  • Engaged? This program helps you prepare for a strong and enduring marriage relationship. You’ll discover important biblical concepts, develop marriage skills and talk through essential aspects of marriage together.

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What does Pre-marriage Prep look like?

  • To start, each person will complete the Prepare/Enrich relationship online assessment - covering all the key issues you will face as a married couple.

  • You will sign up for the Forever One Pre-marriage Prep Course.

  • In addition to the pre-marriage material, we will also review your Prepare/Enrich results and work through core exercises that are designed to strengthen your relationship.

What we will discuss:


  • God’s original design for marriage is

  • The importance of the marriage covenant

  • Your communication skills as a couple

  • How to Resolve Conflict 

  • Family-of-origin issues  

  • Financial budget & plans 

  • Intimacy and sexual expectations

  • Personal, couple & family goals 

Complimentary Discovery Session

Pre-marriage coaching starts with a complimentary discovery session so we can get to know each other and talk about your needs and desires. During this session we will clearly explain what coaching is and is not. Following the session we can determine what your next steps might be and if coaching is a good fit for you.