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                     DISC Personality Workshops

What is DISC?

DISC is a assessment tool used to measure observable behaviors and emotions that you demonstrate. Basically, how and why you do the things you do.

                  DISC is an acronym for the four behavior styles:





Identifying behavior styles can help us improved our relationships. Our personalities are special God-given ways we think, feel and act. They are what make us unique.  How God created us, and how our parents or guardians nurtured us also plays a part in how we think, feel and act. Both mold us and make us into what we become.

A dominant person wants to be in charge. An Influencer wants to be the life of the party. A steady person is someone who values relationships and connection. A conscientious person always wants to do things the right way and follow the rules.


Chances are most relationships are incompatible. It is true that opposites attract. It's also true that opposites can attack! The things that first attracted you to your spouse can become the very traits that drive you crazy! Everyone is wired with a unique personality type that affects relationships. Discovering and understanding behavior types will not only be enlightening but will have a great impact on your relationship.

In this workshop you will identify your own behavior style, learn how to communicate better, and to appreciate the unique strengths and differences of others - especially your spouse! You will also become a better leader, communicator and team member, and gain key strategies to create better relationships at work and at home.

When a couple completes the DISC assessment, they not only understand each other’s “wiring” but they rediscover the differences they once found attractive.

  • Prior to the workshop, you will take the DISC assessment online. Then we, Tom and Lisa Hummel will teach you the DISC personality model and how it applies to you. As you discover how you are uniquely wired, you will have a better understanding and appreciation of who you are and how you can adapt to those around you.


  • Contact us to schedule a workshop. Workshop price includes the price of the assessment and may vary depending on the needs of your group.

Reconnecting to Discover the Marriage of Your Dreams

  • Do you feel distant, disconnected, resentful, frustrated or stuck?
  • Do you still love each other but no longer feel in love?
  • What would happen to your marriage if you felt emotionally connected? 

Many couples today make the mistake of focusing too much time on pursuing life, careers and family needs than they do to becoming great partners. Overtime the relationship becomes distant and disconnected feeling more like roommates than 2 people crazy in love. Emotional connection is crucial to the foundation of a relationship. It is a form of safety you get from knowing that you are seen, valued and comforted in your most vulnerable moments. 

This12 week workshop consists of 3 key areas of focus and discovery that will help couples recover from emotional distance and renew their love and passion for each other.

  • Contact us for workshop details.